3 Awesome Technical Benefits of a PBX System

Benefits of a PBX system for your business

3 Awesome Technical Benefits of a PBX System

PBX phone systems have been around for a long time. However, they have several modern benefits which can yield greater profits and better functionality. Aside from the great cost savings and time savings that a PBX system allows for, there are other, more technical advantages.

These include better security features for your calls and voicemails, disaster recovery, and integration with old, existing phone systems. Let’s take a look at a couple of major PBX system benefits for your small business.

1. Real-Time Security and Monitoring

Since modern PBX systems are hosted on a cloud, they come with monitoring capacity as well. A small business can have access to real time stats about their customers, operations, as well as monitor all current activity. This means that any active agents, missed calls, and subscription costs can be accessed through desktop or mobile apps.

Employee performance and activity can be analyzed instantly and call recordings can be accessed whenever needed to make decisions.

As for security, your PBX hosting provider will provide software upgrades, and maintenance to ensure risk mitigation. Security patches, access restriction, and authentication tools will be at your disposal.

Both monitoring and security will give you a better understanding of your system and better means to secure it.

2. Disaster Recovery

Modern PBX system benefits include hardware advances as well as software improvements. Modern PBX systems rely on fiber cables and wireless access. Your hosting provider will give you a highly redundant infrastructure that will prevent data loss and enable disaster recovery.

Modern services ensure that failover is automatic and software based. That way, servers can be launched and relaunched seconds after the disaster occurs. Hence, a single copper wire getting cut doesn’t seal your fate anymore.

3. Keep Your Old Phone System

For companies that don’t want to disturb their existing infrastructure, PBX can integrate with their phone systems. PBX cloud hosting can connect with legacy systems and modern systems alike.

If your existing system employs both SIP trunking or VoIP, there isn’t any additional hardware required. PBX hardware can interface with all existing infrastructures for greater flexibility.

You can transfer any call from one branch to another and make calls for cheaper than before. This is possible since legacy PBX systems can use alternate VoIP routes so that calls cost less. This is both great for saving costs and improving functionality.

PhoneOne PBX Hosting for Your Small Business

PhoneOne’s premium PBX hosting services can do wonders for your small business. You can scale your business and take advantage of the hundreds of features that modern PBX systems bring. You can take advantage of the security, reliability and availability that several satisfied clients have experienced, and continue to experience.  You don’t have to choose. You can have your cake and eat it too.

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