Want to Start a Business? Consider These Simple Business Ideas

Want to Start a Business? Consider These Simple Business Ideas

Payscale notes that the average U.S. small business owner makes $65,784 per year. You might be intrigued by this figure but displeased by the thought of dedicating a great deal of time and money to turn your business dream into a reality. Fortunately, you can choose a simple business idea that gives you the benefit of running a business in Alpharetta, GA, without the unnecessary added stress. 

Writing Business

If you have at least some writing ability, you could offer your services as a content creator. Writers are needed to create various materials, including web content, marketing copy, and books. You can advertise your business on your social network or post listings on Craigslist for your local area. Search job boards because you can find gigs throughout the country on these platforms.  

As you’re beginning, learn everything you can from editors. Additionally, think about taking a course to improve your skills. 

Home Service Business

Consider starting a service business. There are always people in Alpharetta and the nearby region who need assistance cutting grass or cleaning their houses. Other than having the initial supplies to complete the job, these business ideas require minimal items to start. Therefore, they’re relatively inexpensive to begin with. Plus, you can easily market a service business online through social media. 

Pet Sitting or Dog-Walking Business 

Owning a pet sitting company doesn’t cost a lot of money to begin since not much is needed besides food, leashes, and other similar supplies if you plan to run the company from your home. You don’t need any educational background to open a pet sitting or dog walking company. Moreover, if you love animals, this could be a business you enjoy running each day. 

For this company type, you can post on Craigslist or social media. Talk to your friends and family so they can spread the word about your business. 

Social Media Management Business

Nowadays, more and more business owners are recognizing the benefits of social media as a marketing tactic. You can be the one to aid these company owners by running their social media pages. Particularly, this could be a good fit if you know how to engage people with words and sell products. Fortunately, you don’t have to focus on finding clients in Alpharetta only; you can perform social media management from your own home and work with clients anywhere in the state, country, or world. 

Make It Simple to Run Any Business

No matter what type of business you start, take steps to simplify managing your company. For instance, use PhoneOne’s business phone services to ensure you receive all your calls and hear your clients clearly. 

In addition, register for EIN (employer identification number). Use this number instead of your personal Social Security number for your business. It makes it easier to file both federal and state taxes and creates a separate identity for the business. 

Simple Yet Rewarding

All these business opportunities are simple to start but can reap quite a reward. Fortunately, you can look for clients outside of Alpharetta with some of these options, and they require little money or time to start. Make your business life simpler with services from PhoneOne.

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